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Hawthorn Bridge (Latrobe River) Campsite


Several campsites along the Latrobe River near the Hawthorn Bridge area.    Can get a two wheel drive in and have often seen camper vans set up for the weekend.    Camping areas are along the Latrobe River Road near the river crossing.     Male and female drop toilets on site.    Roughly 6 or 7 different camp areas in the location with enough room for a couple of vehicles, vans and tents each area.   Can get busy on long weekends with good weather.  

About half an hour or so from the BP Longwarry, so not far to travel.     Can also get noisy at night if a lot of people are camping there as it is a popular area for trailbike base camps.

TentOffroad Campsite
No Park or site fee
Can access without 4WD
Dogs allowed
Water available
Drinking water available
BBQ/Cooking facilities
Open fires (when permitted)
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Mar 15 2010, 17:07pm
We used this campsite the weekend of 13th and 14th March 2010. The ground is a little rocky and you will want to take a thicker tent peg to get through. The drop toilets were in good condition and fairly clean.

However when we got there there were cans, bottles, clothing and general rubbish scattered around the camp.

Someone had also ripped of the sign that prevents you driving over the edge out and used it as a wind break for the fire.

Overall a good little spot, just need others to look after it
Apr 30 2011, 22:00pm
what roads do you go down to get to this campsite in a 2wd?
Jun 25 2011, 17:23pm
Just tried to get in there from fumina south. It is a 4wd track from that side and a fairly deep and rocky river crossing to get to the campsite. I'm guessing you would come in from the west around neerim east for the 2wd track but i was running out of light to try it :(
Jun 13 2013, 18:44pm
Went here for the queens birthday long weekend, it now has a bridge and the drop toilets were closed due to vandalism, we didnt stay there though because its was very crowded.

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