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2011-08-03 Simpson Desert - Western loopToyota Prado Completed not only the Western Loop but went beyond and up the Hay River track. Now that is remote.
2011-08-03 Witjira National Park (Dalhousie Springs)Toyota Prado great place. Spent 2 wonderful nights here and more than 4 hours sitting in the springs.
2010-11-11 Landcruiser Mountain ParkJeep Wrangler Haaa Good fun but be careful driving homewith lift and tyres too big :(
2010-10-14 Goodna BushJeep Cherokee
2010-10-14 SpringfieldJeep Cherokee
2010-10-14 Redbank Plains/Collingwood ScrubJeep Cherokee
2010-09-25 Stockton Beach, Anna BayToyota Prado Awsome ..
2010-09-25 Stockton BeachToyota Prado Best fun i've had with my pants on!!
2010-07-5 Old Telegraph TrackToyota Prado Top fun. Took 3 days on the track and had a ball. Crossed gunshot and did Nolans Brtook without a hitch. All with Kimberly Kamper in tow.
2010-07-13 Laura to Maytown FNQToyota Prado Good fun indeed.
2010-07-13 Laura to MaytownToyota Prado Good track. We did it with the Kimberly Kamper in tow with no problems what so ever. Wouldn't have been a challenge without the camper. Very different scenery and some aboriginal paintings if you know where to find them.
2010-06-30 CREB TRACKToyota Prado Last 1/2 of this track. Somehow we managed to join up from the "jump up track". Easy drive in the dry.
2010-06-28 Track off Black Mountain RoadToyota Prado
2010-06-12 KenilworthToyota Prado Good weekend out. Lots to do... Nat wouldn't let Paul go up the hill after nearly rolling his car.
2010-05-8 Binnies road / RipleyToyota Prado Shit hot fun. Something for everyone.
2010-05-24 SpringfieldToyota Prado
2010-04-12 Border RangesToyota Prado Always a nice drive
2010-04-04 Sundown National ParkToyota Prado Good run. found some nice tracks throughout the park. Have added a better GPS track log.
2010-04-02 Condamine River CrossingsToyota Prado Nice scenic drive
2010-01-29 Flats TrkToyota Prado Good track. Nice one to play on. Rock wall could be fun in the wet "NOT"
2010-01-26 Bribie Island with inland trackToyota Prado Bloody rough but fun
2010-01-26 Bribie Island Ocean BeachToyota Prado Nice run
2010-01-16 Kelly Track to Fall CreekToyota Prado Always a nice drive. Camped at Pretty Valley for 4 days. Got snowed in.
2010-01-15 Blue Rag Range Track, Victorian High CountryToyota Prado We camped at the helepad. Wow... What a drive what a view and froze for 2 nights on the mountain.
2010-01-13 Blue Rag RangeToyota Prado
2010-01-12 South Bassalt/Brewery Creek TrackToyota Prado
2010-01-11 Billy Goat Bluff TrkToyota Prado What a great drive. The pinnacles and all the other huts - horesyard, McMillans, Moroka were fantastic.
2010-01-11 Mt Wellington TrackToyota Prado Beautiful drive up to McMillans Hut. GPS track to follow
2010-01-10 Millers Hut from Talbotville Via Billy Goat BluffToyota Prado
2010-01-09 Wombat Range TrackToyota Prado Tow Kimberly up. WOW - what an ass puckering exercise But we got up and over safe and sound.
2010-01-08 Randells Trk.Toyota Prado We drove down this looking for a safe way to pull KK up. Not this one for any camper i'm afraid. Its steep and loose.
2010-01-08 Wombat Range TrackToyota Prado Day trip to Dargo
2010-01-08 Wombat Range TrackToyota Prado Down from Herne Spur
2010-01-06 Herne Spur from WonnangattaToyota Prado
2010-01-05 Howitt Plain to Wonnangatta River via Zeka SpurToyota Prado
2010-01-05 Zeka Spur TrackToyota Prado Towed the Kimberly Kamper down. Rough Rough and Slow Slow. Car and camper handled all wekk tho. Not sure about the missus :)
2010-01-04 King Billy TrackToyota Prado Easy but rough. Lots of fallen trees not properly cleared from the track. Made it difficult to get kamper around.
2010-01-01 Donnelly's creek Track WestToyota Prado Easy track but rough as guts. Unfortunately the only way in and out of O'Tooles
2009-12-31 Dwyers Road - Moondarra State ForestToyota Prado Easy drive. Nice lookout toward the water resevoir
2009-12-31 Erica to O'Tooles Flat via Donnelly Creek RdToyota Prado Come back in to O'Tooles from Moe
2009-12-31 Merringtons TrkToyota Prado Nice drive out of O'Tooles
2009-12-31 Donnelly's Creek TrackToyota Prado Rough and annoying in the wet. The water hides the huge potholes otherwise easy.
2009-12-29 Junction TrkToyota Prado Come in to O'Tooles this way
2009-12-29 Jamieson - Licola Rd Mt SkeneToyota Prado Part 3 of our 2009 Christmas Alpine Adventure. Long drive.
2009-12-28 The Monument TrackToyota Prado Nice drive up with Barney Rubble
2009-12-23 Kanga ClimbToyota Prado Awsome track. Bloody powdery though. Would be dangerous in the wet.
2009-12-23 Amamoor Log trackToyota Prado Downright dangerous in really dry or really wet weather.
2009-12-14 Redbank Mud RunsToyota Prado great fun
2009-11-13 Goodna BushToyota Prado Shit hot run. Good to see Frosty stuck. Need more time to play though.
2009-11-10 Landcruiser Mountain ParkToyota Prado Camp Hill is not just for the big boys. Prado Tough!
2009-10-29 The Monument TrackToyota Prado An absolutely fabulous drive. We went up and down a few times till i got yelled at.
2009-10-29 King Billy TrackToyota Prado Rough as guts and dusty too.
2009-10-29 Corn Hill Logging TrackToyota Prado Not a very good short cut but bloody fun
2009-10-10 Bellthorpe State Forest (Reserve 2)Toyota Prado Not too hard in the dry
2009-09-12 Ripley RdToyota Prado Always a nice run. Especially after a little rain. Lots of fresh mushrooms for the taking.
2009-09-12 ripley road 2Toyota Prado Good fun. Watch out for the odd wild pig.
2009-09-12 GoodnaToyota Prado Slowly getting built in but still a lot to do if you don't mind scratches.
2009-09-12 The Goat TrackToyota Prado The GPS file i originally downloaded was incorrect. I have posted a track log update
2009-09-09 Milbong/KooralbynToyota Prado
2009-09-07 Duck Creek RoadToyota Prado
2009-09-07 Freshwater TrackToyota Prado Warning drivers. Wear your seat belt!
2009-09-07 Spicers GapToyota Prado Nice drive. Kids loved the bouncing around. Was better when you could get right up the cobblestone track.
2009-09-07 LevukaToyota Prado Bloody hair raising in the wet
2009-09-07 Duck Creek Rd to O'Rielly'sToyota Prado
2009-09-07 Condamine Gorge (Boonah to Killarney)Toyota Prado This is always a great visit. Best free camping around. Always plenty of water.
2009-09-06 Lake Manchester back watersToyota Prado Drove out to find the start of the track is now behind a locked gate. It has been closed by the BCC for walking only. First track log d/loaded but we found the spot. Thats the main thing.
2009-08-08 Glasshouse - Dirty Weekends Tour 9Toyota Prado Some great tracks around here. Damage can occurr too easy.
2009-08-08 Glasshouse MountainsToyota Prado nice scenic drive
2009-08-04 Fernvale TrackToyota Prado This area has been fenced off for revegitation. Still some tracks not grown over from the top side and down the hills.
2009-05-22 Caboolture - WoodfordToyota Prado
2008-11-04 Landcruiser Mountain ParkToyota Prado One word, well maybe a few more: MUD BULLS AND MUSIC!!
2008-10-24 Bellthorpe State Forest (Reserve 2)Toyota Prado Make sure you have a permit.
2008-09-30 Mt MeeToyota Prado Dianas bath was wonderful
2008-09-16 Sundown National ParkToyota Prado Rough as guts, scratched the crap out of my car but great fun. Good hillclimb on the back side of Rats Castle. Diff locker teritory.
2008-08-15 Hill End to CaperteeToyota Prado Stunning
2008-07-18 Tewantin to Rainbow Beach Rd via Freshwater TrkToyota Prado
2008-06-14 Lithgow to BathurstToyota Prado
2008-05-28 Mount Mee State ForestToyota Prado
2008-03-28 Benarkin State ForestJeep Cherokee
2008-02-05 Mt CottonToyota Prado Not as accessible as it used to be.
2007-06-17 Toonumbar Forest DriveJeep Cherokee
2007-04-13 Moreton Island via Combie TraderToyota Landcruiser Kitchen staff dropped a big brass nut on my bonnet. Not happy.
2007-04-13 Moreton IslandToyota Landcruiser Camped at Cowan Cowan. Dived on the wrecks for a week.
2007-01-1 Snowy River National ParkToyota Prado Travelled from Davies Plain Hut through to Jindabyne & down into Snowy River Nat Park. Spent the night at McKillops Bridge. A very hairy drive around the mountainside in the middle of the night.
2006-12-24 Tom Grogan to Davies Plains Hut.Toyota Prado
2006-01-20 Tom Groggin to Mt Pinnibar - Narriel Valley.Toyota Landcruiser Bloody steep. We did this track in reverse, that is from the top down to Tom Groggin. We actually saw an old couple driving a 4WD bus up from Tom Groggin. They had trouble but pushed on and made it without assistance.
2006-01-15 Kelly Track to Fall CreekToyota Landcruiser Fantastic high country storms hit here.
2006-01-08 Wheelers Creek TrackToyota Landcruiser Lots of plate sized trout to go around
2006-01-04 Zeka Spur TrackToyota Landcruiser Slow going
2006-01-03 Wombat Range TrackToyota Landcruiser Steep Steep Steep
2006-01-02 Pineapple Flat to Craigs Hut and across Mt StirlingToyota Landcruiser Completed a part route from Mansfield up through Pineapple Flat to Craigs Hut then headed down the monument track down to Bindaree Road then on to Bindaree Hut where we camped for 3 days.
2002-11-9 Kingfisher Bay to Lake McKenzieToyota Landcruiser
2002-11-8 Eurong to Cathedral BeachToyota Landcruiser
2002-11-8 Eurong to Central StationToyota Landcruiser
2002-11-8 Fraser IslandToyota Landcruiser
2002-11-8 Eurong to Cathedral Beach & return via Lake Garawongera.Toyota Landcruiser
2002-11-7 Dili Village to Central StationToyota Landcruiser
2002-11-6 Hook Point to Eurong via the beach.Toyota Landcruiser
2001-12-23 Tibooburra to Cameron Corner and ReturnToyota Landcruiser Rough and corrugated.
2001-12-14 Dubbo River TrackToyota Landcruiser Camped by the river for the night. First try out of the Ausi Traveller roof top camper.
2001-12-01 Sturt National ParkToyota Landcruiser Isolated and very rocky. Beautiful place to visit. Lots of history
2000-12-29 Tibooburra to Cameron Corner and ReturnToyota Landcruiser Took a run up from Broken Hill heading to hook up with the Strezleki Track from Camerons Corner
2000-12-28 Sturt National ParkToyota Landcruiser Nice run out through Milparinka to Depot Glen. Bloody hot at Xmas time. Didn't quite make it to Sturts Caan too hot.
2000-011-0 Central Station to Kingfisher Bay ResortToyota Landcruiser

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