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Guanaba to Mt Tambourine [See Street Map]

Caballo Road, Guanaba, QLD
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Nice drive from Caballo Road, via Wongawallan Road heading up to Mount Tamborine Queensland.

Some hill climbs albeit moderately steep, loose gravel and exposed rocks.

Very small creek crossing over Guanaba Creek (check video) then climbing up to the top of Mount Tamborine.

Can also head off too Wongawallan Road and follow the power lines along.

Nice drive, some care required. Mostly graded.

Also some fun off track stiff with some practice hill climbs and descents and the like.

Difficulty: Moderate Track Moderate
Length: 10km to 30km
Features: Sand, Sharp Rocks, Mud, Steep ascents/descents, River crossing(s), Clay
Latitude: -27.918036
Longitude: 153.247029
Guanaba to Mt Tambourine
Guanaba to Mt Tambourine

Driver Track Log

2014-10-07 Toyota Landcruisermypizzaiscold
2013-12-20 Toyota Pradobillz0r Went up here today. Sharp rocks up the hill from Birds Rd. Just a short 200mtr run to bitumen on Tarata Rd. Followed that road through and started a track again but that only goes for a another few hundreds meters and the road is closed (about where the black diamond is on the map).
2013-09-16 Jeep Wrangler UnlimitedGeronimoJeep Track ends on Mount Tamborine on recently sold land. It's a great drive however, heard that spotted vehicles are reported to authorities (National Park and Police). Please watch out. Safe driving. G
2013-08-17 Ford RangerBoofhead03 Went and had another explore of these tracks today. A couple of rutted areas around but overall the track in very good condition. All gates we came to were open and a few other 4wd's and trail bikes out exploring as well. A good day.
2013-08-04 Nissan Navaraobones Nothing too challenging in the dry, like to see it wet
2013-07-13 Nissan Patrolteamduff Not far from home but good day out. Track is dry so fairly easy driving but some moderately steep hills, a couple of creek crossings and a couple of mud pits added a bit of fun. Found one track that has seen little use lately which has steep decent, loose rock on rock and deep ruts. After about a kilometer the ruts got too deep and we had to turn back. The uphill climb definitely even more challenging and exciting.
2013-06-17 Mitsubishi PajeroColinV Been meaning to go here for some time, so finaly got here ... started off smooth, the little creek crossin is nice as the water was cascading down on the Right. But where I ended up do not know but it got challenging in areas, steep climbs, mud areas (as had been raining week before) but nice out here.
2013-06-09 Jeep Cherokeexjmech Went out here for about 4 hours today, it was heaps of fun with some challenging sections if you really go looking.
2013-05-18 Mitsubishi TritonYenski132 Good fun track, had a nice up there with a couple mates today. Definitely be visiting again!
2013-05-18 Nissan PatrolNoMoreBluin went in for a quick look today with Yenski 132 and another mate, was fun, worth another trip back in to look around a bit more. Great veiws.
2013-05-05 Nissan Patrolcurtly Gates closed at the Wongawallan Rd end it seems this happens periodically as it was open on Anzac day. The climb the Eagle Close is loose and rocky. There was a real estate agent at the block of land for sale at the top so I don't expect the national park gate to remain open for much longer. It wont be long till this area is also complete gated like Ormeau.
2013-04-26 Mitsubishi Pajerokiwipride
2013-04-21 Jeep WranglerJJHamilton Nice fun track in the dry, nice veiws with some nice steep hills. Good fun
2013-03-31 Toyota LandcruiserHDJ80Auto Slippery in places, climb up to Eagle Close is pretty rutted up.
2013-03-27 Toyota Hiluxevilstig Good track, i went alone and ended up with 2 more D22 navaras
2013-03-27 Mitsubishi PajeroDolive8989 Trying this track on friday without gps, cant wait
2013-03-24 Holden Jackaroocnut One of my favourite playgrounds. Here's a video from my recent visit
2013-03-08 Holden RodeoKevnCaron Head ed in here for another round of fun, I like this spot alot. Came in here with a few less wheels than last time just a Mate & I. did a bit more of a tiki tour around all the spots. Turned left at the fork & left through the gate & tackled the loose rocky climb up to Eagles Close. The old TD LX Rodeo stock standard except for a new set of Michellin A/T's that I got for the right price certainly helped.
2013-03-01 Mazda Bravoblackgesus Realy enjoyed this track, fun in the wet to. look out for little side tracks to make your day even more interesting.
2013-02-27 Mitsubishi Tritondamiencrew15 Great track for a first timer. Very slippery when wet. Especiall after the water fall.
2013-02-03 Holden Jackaroocnut Good trip, thanks to Doc for showing me the way, we went back in after Doc left and explored a few side tracks, Did the steep climb out to Eagle Close and had a lot of fun. Thanks to the guys who winched me out of a deep rut on one of the side tracks. I missed my line reversing out and slid into the washout leaving two wheels airborne. All in all, a great spot with a few challenges if you go looking for them.
2013-01-13 Toyota Hiluxconzy First time through here successfully(pulled out due to rain last time). A nice run, enough to to make it fun, but only as hard as you want it to be. Thankyou to a member from here who we met on the track in a silver FJ for guiding us through.
2012-10-21 Toyota FJ Cruiserbathtub Nice run Standard FJ Cruiser ate it up and most of the side tracks would be a handful on standard tyres in the rain.
2012-10-15 Jeep Wranglerhaydenroper13 Good day out made it to the end but gate was closed so drove all the way back.
2012-10-01 Nissan PathfinderFricken Barry They locked and gated this trail today :(
2012-09-23 Nissan Navarajas34 went on this track to day great fun the wife enjoyed it to some hill climbs needed low range but made up (factory Navara) will be going back again soon (need some rain)
2012-08-24 Ford RangerBoofhead03 Went and explored this track, 1st time out in my Ranger. Found quite a few side tracks that were dead ends but had a lot of fun.
2012-08-22 Jeep Grand CherokeeRThomson1
2012-08-17 Chevrolet 4wdDirty wheels Nice run. A bit limpy in places but no dramas whatsoever. Could be very slippery in the wet with the clay sections.
2012-08-17 Chevrolet 4wdDirty wheels Nice run. A bit limpy in places but no dramas whatsoever. Could be very slippery in the wet with the clay sections.
2012-08-07 Toyota Landcruisernumbnuts38 got there late in the day so i didnt go all the way through but looked good what i seen kids like it
2012-06-27 Toyota Hiluxnjwilsonaus Great track, like many others I missed the turnoff to the creek, being fairly new to the world of 4x4 I found the small incline a bit daunting, but after going up and down (i did the track in reverse too) I have started to realise that I just have to put a bit of faith in the equipment and stop being such a pansy!
2012-03-26 Mitsubishi TritonTrakker Went up there the other day. Fairly dry. Wasn't much water in the creek crossing, though the waterfall was spectacular. Being a learner driver, there was some tyre scrabbling through the creek. Took me a few goes. Gotta wind those torsion-bars up a bit to give us a bit more clearance under the front. Turned right and went down Wongawallen Road, emerging at Welches Road. We had a great day on this family outing.
2012-03-25 Holden RodeoKevnCaron Nice & dry, Slippery clay descent after turning right at fork in road. very rocky & washed out creek crossing with another very steep slippery clay ascent up to Wongawallan Road.
2012-03-06 Nissan PatrolTowie Do it some great forrest out there & excellent for beginners just an easy cruise but if its rained a fair bit have your recovery gear in order.
2012-03-04 Toyota Landcruisertimmmay Got stuck towards the end past the turn off to the creek. We headed towards the Eagles Cl exit and it's very boggy and slippery, not like the rest of the track. Apart from getting stuck and having to be rescued (read about it here, it was a great track and lots of fun!
2012-03-03 Volkswagon 4wdRokbob
2012-03-03 Volkswagon 4wdBoris Moderate with small creek crossing
2012-02-13 Mitsubishi TritonTrakker Howdy 4X4 Earth adventurers, the last time dad and I went up this track, we missed the turnoff to the creek crossing/waterfall. However some kindly 4X4 Earth members got us back on track with some directions. Despite the recent rainfall, the track was relatively easy. The first steep climb was somewhat rutted and washed out. Our Tritons wheels started to spin momentarily, but then the tight LSD kicked in and helped us up. The ascent of the roller-coaster was tricky as usual, steep, rocky and rutted. The creek crossing was fairly easy, with some careful wheel placement. However, the waterfall was in full flow and looked great. When we got to the end of the track, we turned right and headed back down Wongawallan Road, coming out at Welches Road. Will definitely be going back soon. We love this track, as it's only twenty-five minutes drive from our home. I drove most of the track (with dad's guidance).
2012-02-05 Toyota Landcruisercruiserman2010 track in reasonable condition. one short steepish hill. towbar on landcruiser (ute) dragged going through creek crossing, but not badly. Also, for those without a GPS which can upload track gps files, we missed the right hand (120 degree) turn down to the creek crossing first time round. this is the turn required to get to mt tamborine.
2012-02-02 Mitsubishi Pajerobob_oz Finally made it up the insane hill to eagles close! Even with the locker it was difficult, right on the limit. Red clay sections are more rutted and looks like someone carved a new track into the back of one of the houses - not cool!
2012-02-02 Mitsubishi Pajerobob_oz Finally made it up the insane hill to eagles close! Even with the locker it was difficult, right on the limit. Red clay sections are more rutted and looks like someone carved a new track into the back of one of the houses - not cool!
2012-01-25 Ford RangerRangerSam Good fun track for the couple of hours in the morning or arvo good to try out new gear couldn't find the exit though got to a creek crossing and was very overgrown so we turned around but was good fun
2012-01-21 Nissan Navaratysond22 i completed this track early jan 2012. it was relatively easy going along the graded bits. has one decent hill climb on the main track which is loose rock and gravel. Didnt explore any off track stuff. Popped out at eagle hieghts. was extremly dry at the time
2011/11/01 Mitsubishi TritonTrakker Explored this track from the Cabello Road end. A great day trip, awesome views, and quite challenging drive in places. The 'roller coasters' were great fun. There is a very steep climb however the mighty Triton scrabbled up (with the aid of its tight LSD), despite having worn tyres. Unfortunately, we couldn't find our way all the way up to Eagle heights :( We followed the white arrows (painted on tree-trunks, past the 'playground'), and traversed some 'roller coasters', the aforementioned very-steep hill, cont. on and came to a Y-junction with a Nat Parks sign next to a gate (a tree had blown over and knocked down the gate :D). We turned left here (through the gate), and cont. on a short distance until we came to another Y-junction (with another Nat. Parks sign). The track to the left has some very deep ruts, whilst the track on the right is becoming overgrown. We ended up backtracking to the previous Y-junction and took the turn to the right, but it soon became very rough and narrowed considerably. Could someone who has driven this track the whole way PM me with the directions.
2011-12-30 Nissan PatrolRapson Took this track with the young fella and found the hill climbs interesting. Came out at Mt Tambourine. Saw heaps of tracks off to the side which we will have to go back and explore.
2011-12-29 Mitsubishi Pajeroogilvie9184 Awsum track some tracks for beginners and some tracks for the more experienced , alot of side tracks will be defanatly be goin back again :)
2011-12-16 Toyota Hiluxtractormack I need to go back to this track. Not finished it yet. Started to poor down and got a little slippery.
2011-10-28 Mitsubishi Pajerobob_oz Great fun - network has three very very steep hill climbs, two are dead ends and the third exits onto eagles retreat. Second creek crossing looks like it could be fun too!
2011-10-16 Toyota Landcruisercapella_ben It is a great half day trip (from Brisbane). There are some steep hills, but nothing at all difficult. The waterfall is worth stopping at. You can climb down to the bottom relatively easily. There is even a little surprise there for kids.
2011-09-18 Toyota LandcruiserKranky Good easy track the kids loved the waterfall
2011-07-24 Nissan Patrolroby_b Very easy beginners track
2011-06-28 Mitsubishi Tritondochol Track is great Condition would only do in dry Last climb out to Eagle Close was steep and a lot of loose rocks but great fun
2011-06-26 Mazda BT-50buckie3000
2011-06-26 Mazda BT-50buckie3000 track was easy no ruts some nice hill climbs was 1st time out there was some other track to try another weekend
2011-04-23 Jeep Grand Cherokeepaul4577 Fun track, with nice views of the Gold Coast, a small creek crossing and a waterfall next to it. Good as a scenic short cut up to Mt Tamborine and an introduction to hill climbs. Would only do track in the dry as the hills become slippery. Main entrance to the track is the end of Tarata Rd
2011-03-13 LandRover DiscoveryAND_OVER went out today took us a bit to find the entrance really good run through there when its a bit wet the clay can be a bit menacing but still managed to get the rover through there
2011-02-14 Mitsubishi PajeroPajNut We run this track a lot, it's like our "hit" track, or where we take friends if they want a taste of 4WDING. Track is still in superb condition. The 20metre or so clay run into the waterfall crossing has been quite chewed up by something bigger than my machine, but is still perfectly crossable, just need good tyres and stay in the ruts really. Something for everybody here, especially if you go up to Tambourine, then back down Wangawallan Road, then turn immediately right at bottom of Wongawallan Road and head up hill via the power line trail :-)
2011-02-14 Mitsubishi PajeroPajNut We run this track a lot, it's like our "hit" track, or where we take friends if they want a taste of 4WDING. Track is still in superb condition. The 20metre or so clay run into the waterfall crossing has been quite chewed up by something bigger than my machine, but is still perfectly crossable, just need good tyres and stay in the ruts really. Something for everybody here, especially if you go up to Tambourine, then back down Wangawallan Road, then turn immediately right at bottom of Wongawallan Road and head up hill via the power line trail :-)
2011-01-30 Mitsubishi Challengercurtly Great track found my way into the a national park (went straight ahead instead of turning right toward the creek crossing). Lots of possibilties on off-shoot tracks.
2011-01-29 Mitsubishi TritonDecrube Great track - little bit of everything - creek crossing - mud - rocky climbs - little bit greasey in spots, dusty in others. First real crack at 4wd ing in the mighty triton. Handled it with ease.
2011-01-13 Toyota Landcruiserrockhoppa7 i travel this track every week, dont worry about the sign sayin no 4x4ing. have been a tamborine resident for over 22 years n never seen n e one else but 4x4ers through there, exception for bush fires.
2010-12-15 Toyota HiluxHOGO80 Easy track, all graded. Nice scenic drive up to Tamborine. NB: This track is on Conservation land and has a sign on the higher Tamborine side saying no 4wd's etc, so be aware of this.

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Mean Min Temp °C17.1°17.3°16.4°14.0°11.2°9.1°8.0°8.6°10.4°12.8°14.8°16.3°
Avg Rainfall mm215.4218.7190.4129.9122.197.984.755.757.593.7119.9162.6
Likelyhood of rain*39%39%42%29%26%19%19%19%19%26%29%35%
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track chatTrack Talk
Jan 12 2011, 11:18am
can get very slippery when wet, especially on incline after waterfall, near the top
Feb 14 2011, 15:30pm
Great fun track with some excellent views, you can have as much fun as you want on the off shoots!
Feb 28 2011, 04:45am
D: got to the section just before the creek heading from Caballo rd direction. The national park section has been closed :(
Mar 13 2011, 18:04pm
did this one today took a while for us to find the entrance lol but was a good run for sure. only trouble i had was my rover has all terrains on it and the massive hilly clay section there took some high revs too get it up there ended up going straight ahead to start with and ended up in a national park not sure if this is an ok thing to do so we back tracked and wet across the river crossing
Mar 28 2011, 11:23am
Was up there on the weekend, it's all been very well smoothed over. Even the clay run down to the creek crossing has all been graded and is now covered over in dirt. Very safe now. Not us fun, but very safe/
Jun 16 2011, 23:27pm
is this track still doable ? Im a very experienced offroad driver and am taking my friend out this weekend in his Vitara done a bit of off road driving knows the basics, Ill be in a stock standard Discovery want to make a good day of it. I have scoped out the Ormeau hills tracks must say very good climbs there and was looking for somewhere to start. Help anyone?
Jun 19 2011, 15:37pm
Was there today JK Wrangler 2" MTZ'z track was dry and very clean, hope it will stay that way. One hard side track next to the bitumen,the rest was easy to medium. Only done 11 km will be back next weekend
Jul 03 2011, 09:09am
Did the track yesterday had so much fun going back today!this track has got the lot,mud,sand,water crossings,sharp rocks,steep ascents/descents,clay.Note:if you decide to go straight instead of turning off right at the river crossing you will enter a national park,this track has a clay section which can be very nasty!can be very slippery wouldn't recommend it for highway tyres plus its been closed off for conservation anyway and climbing back up a steep clay hill with sharp rocks and one very big rut on the edge ain't everyones cuppa tea:) otherwise great track in good condition. tip: stick to your right when going up caballo rd its much more fun this way with about 5 steep hill climbs to choose from great for practising and fun:P
Aug 12 2011, 20:03pm
great fun, done it the last few weekends to start off with. has very easy tracks, but also some hidden very hard ones.
wongawallan road and caballo road.
Oct 29 2011, 13:08pm
Second creek crossing is now open, makes a good loop around running creek
Mar 24 2012, 18:37pm
Went there today, has been a fair bit of rain, but nice easy track, very nice drive
Jul 22 2012, 22:42pm
Spent the morning around here today - excellent fun in a std height Colorado
Oct 27 2012, 18:07pm
My second time off roading. Went there today very dry and dusty. Stuck to the left and ended up at the gate to the National Park. Turned around sign said no 4x4 is this correct? Some of the hills I found very steep but didnt have any issues. Not sure how the hills would be after some rain?
Jan 14 2013, 09:38am
Good to hear so many people are still loving this track, I really hope it continues to stay open!
Feb 03 2013, 18:55pm
Rocked up here this morning off Cabello Rd, expecting a nice easy graded track, so I brought the Mrs and the bub... SWMBO looked at the first 50 meters of rocky rutted track at the end of the bitumen and said "Don't you *@%#ing dare...". So I'm guessing I'll need to come back without them...
Feb 27 2013, 14:13pm
Great track to begin on some hard stuff as well as some easy stuff pretty hard in the wet
Mar 01 2013, 08:33am
Drove it yesterday. Had a blast. A bit slippery down to Creek and up the other side. Made it more fun though. Creek slightly washed out but still okay.
Mar 31 2013, 17:10pm
Did this track today, pretty wet and slippery in sections, the climb up to Eagle Close at the end is pretty rutted up.
Apr 08 2013, 09:46am
One of my favourite playgrounds for a casual day out and the beer's not bad at the Mount Tambourine Brewery LOL

Heres a video for those that want a closer look
Apr 20 2013, 20:43pm
Headed up today to check that the gates were open. headed down to the creek crossing a couple of hundred metres up the creek from the waterfall crossing, hell muddy well rutted!!

Chicken tracks have been driven in up the Tamborine side of the waterfall crossing still the main track was fun and heaps rutted.

Pulled a diffed out Grand Vitara out of trouble on Carballo rd.
Sep 04 2013, 12:59pm
Did this on bikes recently; main track mostly ok even for novices EXCEPT the last climb up into Eagle Heights which is now deeply rutted with steps. No issue for bikes but would class as moderate when dry and difficult when wet for 4x4s.

Lots of side tracks for fun if you want and the alt track to Eagle Heights is difficult even when dry.
Sep 08 2013, 12:07pm
great fun, dry, gate locked, but go to right past ruts and rocks and sealed rd hug outside (right) 5 or 6 different hard hill climbs to play on can't wait for rain to get back up
Sep 22 2013, 17:34pm
All gates except those on the main track that starts at Callabo rd and ends at the big rocky hill at eagle close were closed today.
Good drive has been very slippery in there lately by the look of the clay ruts. Was ok today though.
Sep 23 2013, 19:58pm
Gates at Caballo Rd and Welches Rds have been closed and locked.
Mar 22 2014, 13:49pm
Track closed off. getting re done for the commonwealth games
Dec 07 2014, 09:37am
anyone know of any tracks in the beaudesert area besides the parks eg cityview and scenic rim park ...just want som good free bush tracks

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