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Bribie Island Ocean Beach [See Street Map]

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Easy beach driving, can be slow going through the soft sand, travel close to low tide. Access track can be bumpy. Lower tyre pressure recommended.

Due to recent weather the beach may be impassable at high tide, travel as close to low tide as possible.

Weather has also exposed coffee rock and tree stumps north of the campsites, caution is advised when traveling through this area. Again, travel close to low tide, this area is not passable at high tide.

Difficulty: Easy Track Easy
Length: 30km to 100km
Features: Sand
Latitude: -27.059612
Longitude: 153.199112

Driver Track Log

2013-10-7 Mazda BT-50Acidik Great day trip from Brisbane. Inland track is a bit of a mess and the sand was super soft (very little rain), whole day done in 4wd high.
2013-10-21 Jeep Wranglerwrangle on Great beach & inland tracks and POIs. Soft sand but it was a breeze for the Wrangler. Had to winch a few other 4wds who got bogged. Lower your tire pressure guys! Great lakes to have a much needed dip to cool off. Great fishing and camping on Ocean Beach Campsite.
2013-09-01 Nissan Navaraobones Nice spot for a BBQ. Access tracks are very chopped up, let those tires down people
2013-08-24 Mitsubishi Pajero3LIONS1976 My first 4WD adventure! Nice easy start. The only slight worry was the drop from the entrance road to the beach - quite steep for an amateur!! Beautiful views. I'll be back.
2013-08-17 Nissan Navaraobones Nice place to take the family for a day out
2013-04-25 Nissan NavaraTitus easy track no lift needed, just need general beach driving knowledge
2013-04-20 Toyota Hiluxsquintingsquirre First time driving on the beach for me, found it to be quite easy with a few tips from my mate that gave with. It was s really nice drive stopped and had s camp for a bit and let the kids out to play in the sand and water they loved it! We headed up the beach and came back down the inland track. All in all I really nice drive and only 25 mins up the road.
2013-02-02 Mitsubishi PajeroColinV A great enjoyable run along the surf beach on Bribie. The price for the permit is a bit steep ... see the old WW2 Gun bunkers. A nice lagoon to stop at ... was busy with 4WD enjoying the sun at the Lagoon ... certainly will return. Dont forget to let the tire pressure down ...
2012-08-15 Toyota Prado2002TX Still a lot of water running out of creeks, great time of year at Bribie
2012-07-22 Toyota 4RunnerRobs4x4 dropped tyre pressue . a few wash outs to be careful of but all in all a great day
2012-01-08 Holden ColoradoBrighton108
2011-11-19 Toyota 4Runner45tew beach is very soft at high tide. try to travel at mid to low tide as it is a much easier. also soft getting into the cuttings to access camping sites is also soft. inland track also very soft between poverty creek and lighthouse reach. i ran 16psi in my tyres but should have lowered then to about 12psi.
2011-11-06 Mitsubishi Challengerbmurray2250 Beach run was easy. The inland track had many boggy sections in it. Tyre pressures and clearance make a huge difference
2011-09-24 Holden ColoradoBrighton108 Nice beach driving... a great day trip from Brisbane
2011-09-04 Toyota LandcruiserBoston1994
2011-08-07 Toyota LandcruiserGille Drove up this morning to tackle beach and inland , some one had broken down (and left it )in middle of access track right on the beach but there was space to get around nice early morning drive
2011-02-21 Mitsubishi Pajeroadam85a
2010-10-12 LandRover DiscoveryParsoqld Easy & fun day out.
2010-03-13 Ford Courier101Bravo Took the family and my Bravo. Lagoons washed out but passable. Inland track was closed. Best to check conditions with Bribie Emporium 0488 657 716 or Ranger 3408 8451 See video
2010-01-26 Toyota PradoBig Rig Nice run
2009-11-01 Toyota Hiluxazza2508 Good easy sand driving, should go down onto beach at low tide only, high tide can a bit hairy also you are supposed to stay 5 metres from sand dunes. havnt checked out the camp sites but intend to go camping there soon.
2009-07-04 Mitsubishi Pajerodassantos Easy and nice track. Inner island track to the lighthouse was closed.
2009-05-17 Toyota Hiluxossie77
2009-04-25 Nissan NavaraWeekend4WD Easy beach run..
2009-04-17 Nissan PatrolFridgy69
2008-11-29 Ford RangerKeshi Great for camping on the beach! Both lagoons are great for swimming, but the first one is exceptional at high tide. The lagoons were successfully crossed around 30 - 40 minutes before and after the tide changed, but we had a few people walk and swim through the water first - Be careful of a possible strong current / waves
2008-11-16 Nissan PatrolPure Yobbo Drive at Low tide. 1st Lagoon is currently cutting across the beach. You can drive across it low tide without any problems
2007-10-12 Toyota Landcruiserlecruiser Good sand tracks with short and easy beach drive.
2007-10-10 Jeep Wranglerremus
2007-05-20 Nissan Patrolgoldrush
2004 Toyota Landcruiserdmain
Toyota Landcruisercruiser easy run,great for the kids...

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Climatic data for Bribie Island Ocean Beach

Mean Max Temp °C29.6°29.4°28.2°26.4°24.0°20.9°21.0°22.2°24.2°26.3°26.8°28.7°
Mean Min Temp °C22.3°22.2°20.5°17.9°14.1°12.1°10.7°11.4°14.0°17.7°19.1°20.7°
Avg Rainfall mm92.258.996.783.139.879.514.951.445.744.1102.9105.6
Likelyhood of rain*32%26%29%26%19%19%13%13%19%16%26%29%
Weather data obtained from REDCLIFFE, located 20.4kms from Bribie Island Ocean Beach
* Likelihood of more than 1mm rain falling on any day in the given month.

Latest LIVE weather - April
Feels like °C
Rainfall Today
(since 9am)
Last 7 days of Rainfall
(total recorded*)
Live weather data obtained from REDCLIFFE, located 20.4kms from Bribie Island Ocean Beach, courtesy of the BOM
* Data is fetched for yesterday's rainfall at 12.30pm each day.
track chatTrack Talk
Nov 06 2011, 18:41pm
Beach run was easy. The inland track had many boggy sections in it. Tyre pressures and clearance make a huge difference
Mar 20 2012, 21:16pm
easy as . no probs at all
wrangle on
Dec 02 2013, 19:25pm
wrangle on
Great inland tracks.
Great beach driving. Great Ocean beach camping at campsite "P" which is the only one with toilets btw.
Great surf fishing.
Great lagoons to cool off.
Great tracking up to North Spit (north of the island)

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