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Billy Goat Bluff Trk [See Street Map]

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Some steep sections with rock to negotiate. High clearance 4WD with low range essential.
Difficulty: Difficult Track Difficult
Length: 2km to 10km
Features: Sharp Rocks, Steep ascents/descents
Latitude: -37.414520
Longitude: 147.072495
Billy Goat Bluff Trk

Driver Track Log

2015-01-22 Nissan PatrolPatrol160mq Steep track with loose rock. Had been graded and rock steps jack hammered just after Christmas so clearance should not be an issue.
2015-01-04 Toyota Hiluxjgunning Great views, decent track!
2014-31-12 Toyota Landcruiserkobby A lot of traffic on the Bluff, as expected at this time of year, has chewed it up a fair bit. Lockers helped but not essential.
2014-27-12 Toyota Landcruiserphs Track is chewed out but still achievable in fairly a Std 4wd with drive experience porbably not a great track for beginners to have a go
2014-11-01 Nissan NavarabjhfbrejhP9j great fun. A bit hairy at parts
2014-04-13 Toyota Pradomyall Great fun as always. This rough track has lots of rocky sections so strong tyres is a must. Be prepared for rock steps and steep loose sections which have holes left by spinning tyres.
2014-02-14 Suzuki SierraJaye
2013-12-14 Toyota PradoPJWick Very rocky, some wheelspin, needed to pick line carefully not to scrape or break traction.
2013-11-15 Jeep Wrangler UnlimitedPatriot A great track. 2 inch lift wrangler unlimited. Dry conditions. Used rear locker. Quite steep in parts. Very rocky and they are sharp. Did a tyre coming down. Views are fantastic, pity it was a little clouded in. Oh well, will have to go back.
2013-08-29 Nissan Patrolphysicalgraffiti Drove straight up, didn't scrape anything. Definitely worth lowering the tyre pressures.
2013-07-14 Nissan Patroljempot Did it uphill with 5 GU Patrols. All with 2" lift and mud terrains. Driver skill range varied from expert to novice. Very slow going to negotiate rock steps and pick the right line to avoid any diff damage. Weather was mainly dry with a light misty rain coming in. A cheek clenching drive bu t generally ok for a lifted 4WD with appropriate tyres.
2013-06-03 Toyota Landcruiserevo6fan Did the trip uphill (east to west) in an 80 series (2" lift, 33" KM2s and twin lockers) and a stock FJ Cruiser (32" all terrains and factory rear locker) in the wet. We found it pretty easy going. There are a couple of sections where the FJ scrabbled a bit for grip a little at the front wheels, but this track should not pose any issues to the experienced driver.
2013-03-12 Mitsubishi Tritonxf087 great track. fantastic views at the top. loose and rocky...well worth the climb
2012-12-31 Mitsubishi PajeroFreaky4wder completed this track heading (north east) in which you go down hill most of the way, which is easier if you have good engine braking. there's a couple of small rock steps but nothing you couldn't do in a stock vehicle
2012-12-27 Toyota Landcruiserbush buddy Very Steep in sections but surface is very good, one vehicle in our group was a stock 100 series sahara (no lift, std size A/T's) and didnt have any issues.
2012-12-27 Toyota LandcruiserDX Cruiser This track climbs nearly 1200 vertical in just 7km. It took us about 1 hr of driving to the top. Did it as part of our High Country tour Tom Groggin - Omeo - Dargo - Licola - Jamison.
2012-12-24 Toyota Pradomyall Track conditions seem to have degraded since the year before; there's more rocky sections to tackle, as the soil has been washed away.
2012-11-16 Nissan PathfinderGlynnDeane Steep track, great views from top,
2012-11-04 Jeep CherokeeTdog Good track, went up from woonongatta river turned off dargo rd onto woonongatta road followed it and stayed the night at horseyard flat. highly recommend going up it. watch out for P platers heading down too quickly. Do not do this without CB as youll need to know if someone else is on the track
2012-06-1 Holden ColoradoBushyfromoz truck is a colorado with 2 inch lift and stock tyres. factory side steps may be a problem. Long slow crawl to bottom, very loose and rocky and steep ++. Take your time, wheel placement will be essential for lower ride vehicles. allow about 2 and a quarter hours. View from the top is spectacular, phot opportinuty there, again form the chopper pad. Will be difficult in the wet, if going up in the wet consider the need for diff locks or avoid if you dont.
2012-06-03 Nissan Patrolross_pix good track great veiws
2012-01-6 Toyota Landcruiserbaldman heaps of rock ledges and loose rocks, made for an intersting drive and quite challenging trying to get 2 cars past each other.
2012-01-27 Nissan Patrollittleredwagon steep and rocky - good fun ,great views.
2012-01-02 Mitsubishi PajeroDavidman Done over Christmas period 2011 - 2012 with Grey Ghost, Big Rig and others.
2011-12-27 Toyota Landcruiserbush buddy Steep with one very rocky section that will require careful wheel placement. Low range essential.
2011-04-24 Toyota Pradomyall A brilliant and long climb to a spectacular view (Pinnicles). Many steep sections, some rough, many narrow. It was a bit busy at Easter but the challenge of passing vehicles on such narrow/steep tracks made it fun.
2011-02-13 Toyota Landcruisermickgraham75
2010-11-01 Mitsubishi Challengeratowen Great track, went down when it was clear, came back in the fog! Best of both worlds
2010-10-31 Nissan PatrolCharlie09
2010-06-14 Nissan PatrolPlastered Well worth it
2010-06-14 Toyota LandcruiserMooser77 great track
2010-04-21 Nissan PatrolWattas111
2010-04-02 Toyota HiluxCAMPDOG Great track, pity we were clouded in most of the time.
2010-04 Nissan PatroltrexGq Driven from the bottom to the top, nice continuous track, with one narrow section about 3/4 the way up
2010-03-08 Ford MaverickAgent 13 Good fun, not difficult although little broken section at top.
2010-03-06 Toyota Landcruiserknot_gillty Great track. Very foggy so not much of a view.
2010-03-05 Toyota LandcruiserGrumpy Great track (Interesting)
2010-03-05 Toyota LandcruiserGunna Great track a must do for everyone
2010-01-11 Toyota PradoBig Rig What a great drive. The pinnacles and all the other huts - horesyard, McMillans, Moroka were fantastic.
2010-01-11 Nissan Patrol4WDN Great veiw
2009-12-30 Toyota Landcruiserphs awsome track a must see if your in the area the veiws from the wall are awsome
2009-07-23 Mitsubishi PajeroTerryfirma
2009-04-12 Nissan PatrolDerringer Rock sections have been bulldozed making for a loose rubbly steep surface. No problems coming down, although tight hairpin near the bottom, I did need to reverse up to get the Patrol around.
2009-04-10 Nissan PathfinderNickj Great track with some awesome views
2009-01-13 Toyota Pradoj1k4wd Pretty good track and a good distance of steep stuff. Wouldn't mind trying it in the wet.
2008-12-10 Nissan PatrolOzrider
2008-12-04 Toyota Landcruiserbeerbaron525
2008-02-16 Toyota LandcruiserKnackers great views, great track
2008-02-16 Toyota Landcruisertracks Very good track.I love this one good views from the great wall of China
2008-02-16 Nissan Patrol4X4 After the fires of the previous year, the view from the fire look-out tower was awesome!
2006-11-05 Toyota LandcruiserMatt

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Climatic data for Billy Goat Bluff Trk

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Mean Min Temp °C0.0°0.0°0.0°0.0°0.0°0.0°0.0°0.0°0.0°0.0°0.0°0.0°
Avg Rainfall mm62.549.366.171.973.179.036.472.655.864.390.180.7
Likelyhood of rain*19%23%19%23%23%23%16%32%32%29%29%23%
Weather data obtained from TABBERABBERA (THE PINES), located 25.5kms from Billy Goat Bluff Trk
* Likelihood of more than 1mm rain falling on any day in the given month.

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track chatTrack Talk
Aug 10 2010, 07:52am
Have done this Track in a 100 series and on a 250 Dirt Bike awesome fun and great views. Bit hard on the 250 towards the top due to very loose rock.
Mar 14 2011, 11:39am
Has gotten really rough, steep and rocky,going down easier than going up, wouldn;t do it again on a public holiday weekend like bourke street
Mar 19 2011, 07:35am
Billy Goats Bluff has not improved with age. The top section near the start of the track going down has an extremely narrow section of rock face which gives the impression that if you step out of your vehicle at this point you will fall off a sheer drop on either side. The track itself is steep, small ledges, loose stone, heavily rutted in sections and narrow. Vehicles passing each other in opposite directions can be a scary situation as there is not a lot of room in parts and good radio comms is vital. The last pinch up to the heli pad on the downward trip has a rocky ledge leading up to it of short duration. from the heli pad down it is steep and loose in parts. Having said that the difficulty rating I have nominated is subjective based on my experience and what I believe a greater percentage of people would think. One thing is for certain this track deserves respect, is not for novices and poorly prepared vehicles. A properly working and adjusted handbrake. ideally is a track for experienced drivers with suitably equipped vehicles. A diff lock is a distinct advantage together with aggressive tyres and definitely lowered tyre pressures to get more grip on the ascent and descent and to reduce the chance of rock damage I used my diff lock to keep my vehicle straight on the descents as you get the surging when you go over a rock ledge and the locker keeps better control.
Aug 03 2011, 23:06pm
I agree with grumpy's assessment of billy goats bluff. this track has the potential to catch the inexperienced out big time.
Mar 24 2014, 16:32pm
just did billy goat,s bluff in a Mazda BT-50 no lift did it ok bottomed out a couple of times went up and did not see another car and i am glad as it is very narrow in places worth the effort!
Nov 03 2014, 09:51am
Followed mates on a camping trip using this track to make our through. Have gone as a passenger many times before but this was my first trip on a 4x4 trip as a driver. Talk about baptism by fire! Great fun and as much as i think i have the fundamentals down pat, this certainly tested the nerves at parts. Will definitely do again however i would NOT recommend doing this track as a first timer. Steep descents coupled with narrow tracks at parts with steep drop offs and going on a long weekend made for a very interesting experience. Car help up extremely well (2005 D22 Navara) apart from some after market parts fitted by previous owner shaking loose along the corrugations at the base of the track :)

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