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yarraman [See Street Map]

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7 mile diggings and old coach rd
Difficulty: Moderate Track Moderate
Length: 10km to 30km
Features: Sharp Rocks, Steep ascents/descents, Clay
Latitude: -26.834682
Longitude: 151.974884

Driver Track Log

2011-11-14 Toyota Hiluxliftedln106 not bad for an afternoon out, fair washed out from the rain at the start of the year but still drivable, the hill climbs are pretty washed out with 1 meter deep ruts but could make new ones beside them
2008-08-08 Toyota Landcruisermudhunter

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Climatic data for yarraman

Mean Max Temp °C30.3°28.9°27.8°25.4°22.1°19.5°19.2°20.9°23.8°26.8°29.1°30.0°
Mean Min Temp °C17.2°17.0°15.4°10.5°6.6°3.7°2.7°3.1°6.5°10.7°13.9°15.9°
Avg Rainfall mm108.2101.782.
Likelyhood of rain*26%26%23%16%16%13%13%13%13%19%19%23%
Weather data obtained from NANANGO WILLS ST, located 17.8kms from yarraman
* Likelihood of more than 1mm rain falling on any day in the given month.

Latest LIVE weather - April
Feels like °C
Rainfall Today
(since 9am)
Last 7 days of Rainfall
(total recorded*)
Live weather data obtained from KINGAROY AIRPORT, located 31.9kms from yarraman, courtesy of the BOM
* Data is fetched for yesterday's rainfall at 12.30pm each day.
track chatTrack Talk
Jul 29 2013, 07:11am
no legal access to old coach rd nowadays, blocked both ends

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