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Arthur River to Zeehan via Corinna Ferry


The drive from Arthur River to Corina is not *really* a 4wd track - its a graded road, but it is a great drive, and one that anyone on a 4wd holiday of Tassie would be a fool to bypass. There are several good tracks that come off this road, so if you are after hard tracks, this is a good way to find them - just look for the muddy trucks and follow them :D

This route will save about 200km's if you need to get from Arthur River to Zeehan - its a long way round via sealed road. $wd's will average 80k's an hour along this road, but watchout for the occasional camper van which will probably be doing 30 - the road is very loose, rocky and dusty, and good AT or better tyres are required to maintain a decent speedalong here.

Corina Ferry itself is a great experience too - the river is relatively narrow,  but it is so deep, fast flowing, and floods so regularly that it isnt possible to put a bridge across.

Difficulty: Easy Track Easy
Length: 100km to 500km
Features: Sand
Latitude: -41.651398
Longitude: 145.077469
Arthur River to Zeehan via Corinna Ferry

Driver Track Log

2009-01-05 Toyota Hiluxcaptain_pound
2004-08 Mitsubishi PajeroEkki Adventurers

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Climatic data for Arthur River to Zeehan via Corinna Ferry

Mean Max Temp °C19.1°20.0°17.7°14.5°12.2°10.2°9.3°10.0°11.1°13.5°15.5°17.2°
Mean Min Temp °C9.1°10.2°8.6°7.3°5.8°4.2°3.4°3.6°4.2°5.3°6.7°7.8°
Avg Rainfall mm101.778.8106.3155.0197.3201.0233.9231.5200.3174.1130.1123.2
Likelyhood of rain*35%29%39%48%55%55%65%68%65%55%45%39%
Weather data obtained from SAVAGE RIVER MINE, located 21kms from Arthur River to Zeehan via Corinna Ferry
* Likelihood of more than 1mm rain falling on any day in the given month.

Latest LIVE weather - April
Feels like °C
Rainfall Today
(since 9am)
Last 7 days of Rainfall
(total recorded*)
Live weather data obtained from MOUNT READ, located 44.1kms from Arthur River to Zeehan via Corinna Ferry, courtesy of the BOM
* Data is fetched for yesterday's rainfall at 12.30pm each day.
track chatTrack Talk
Aug 01 2012, 22:17pm
Drove this in March12 from Zeehan to Arthur River. Fairly straight forward track, not quite 2 lanes, only just one lane in some of the hilly sections. Sections of bitumen thru the hills. Nice drive.

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