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Gatton Laidley tracks [See Street Map]

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Just north of Gatton, this track is many easy but does get some interesting areas that will challenge beginners.  We did this at night which was good fun and is close to Brisbane to spend half the night out off road.  The ‘Int’ in the GPS file are locations of tracks that were not explorer that night.  There are some extreme tracks in the region which a friend was talking about and suits vehicles with lockers and winches.

Difficulty: Easy Track Easy
Length: 10km to 30km
Features: Sharp Rocks, Steep ascents/descents
Latitude: -27.518621
Longitude: 152.320389

Driver Track Log

2014-06-20 Mitsubishi Tritonphyrebug
2011-08-14 Mitsubishi Challengerbmurray2250 The Tracks in the area are closed because of water damage from the 2011 flood and now have close signs everywhere.
2009-06-06 Toyota Landcruiserghumphreys
2009-06-06 Toyota Landcruiserghumphreys

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Climatic data for Gatton Laidley tracks

Mean Max Temp °C31.6°30.7°29.7°27.2°23.8°21.1°20.7°22.3°25.5°28.1°29.8°31.4°
Mean Min Temp °C19.3°19.3°17.4°14.1°10.9°7.6°6.2°6.8°9.6°13.1°15.8°18.2°
Avg Rainfall mm110.397.366.253.360.432.937.227.830.768.590.3101.1
Likelyhood of rain*26%26%19%16%19%13%13%13%13%23%26%26%
Weather data obtained from GATTON QDPI RESEARCH STN, located 3.1kms from Gatton Laidley tracks
* Likelihood of more than 1mm rain falling on any day in the given month.

Latest LIVE weather - April
Feels like °C
Rainfall Today
(since 9am)
Last 7 days of Rainfall
(total recorded*)
Live weather data obtained from UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND GATTON, located 3.2kms from Gatton Laidley tracks, courtesy of the BOM
* Data is fetched for yesterday's rainfall at 12.30pm each day.
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