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Duck Creek Rd to ORiellys


Great short 4x4 track to get to O'rielly's rather than the black top twisty Rd from Canungra. Very enjoyable drive through some lovely country with great views. One gate at bottom with a donation request.

Dont use your GPS to find the start of Duck Creek Rd, youll end up on a dead end road. Find Kerry Rd instead, travel south for a couple of K's then do another search for Duck Creek Rd. It will then find the correct route. The turnoff is to the left off Kerry Rd, its signposted so you cant miss it if you dont have a GPS

Difficulty: Easy Track Easy
Length: 10km to 30km
Latitude: -28.145969
Longitude: 153.041245
Duck Creek Rd to ORiellys
Duck Creek Rd to ORiellys
Duck Creek Rd to ORiellys

Driver Track Log

2015-04-12 Holden ColoradoEightyeight Main track easy, even in a stock road car. Side tracks are where the fun is
2015-01-04 Toyota LandcruiserTimAbb
2014-11-02 Mitsubishi TritonVogelFrei Great track and day for first 4x4 experience. Nice and easy with some harder stuff on the side.
2014-11-02 Holden Coloradoziggurat Good day out did the uphill and downhill. Was late in the afternoon and it was fairly quiet. Second time on this track, its definitely a bit rougher than the last time maybe 12 months ago but was more fun this time. Really dry. Testing the new colorado out and hit a couple of side tracks that were a little more challenging but also had multiple options if certain sections looked a bit deep. This is a better way to get down than the black top which seems to take forever.
2014-10-12 Toyota LandcruiserBLO Nice little track up and back.
2014-09-15 Toyota Landcruisermypizzaiscold
2014-08-31 Toyota Landcruiserrussell789 Easy track with some good views. Went up from Beaudesert, then did the tree top walk. Came down via the tar.. Shouldn't have bothered with the tar too many idiots. Also don't forget to put some money in the donation box at the bottom! I opened the gate for a car and a motorbike that just went past and didn't put anything in the honesty box.. Bit disappointing
2014-08-09 Mitsubishi TritonMJB61 This was my first time on this track, and the first non-beach driving in my new Triton Dual Cab auto. The track took about 1 hour to travel including stopping to admire the view along the way. Well worth it! My Triton is stock standard at the moment and handled the track easily, although it may be different after rain. The day we went up the track, there was a Fun Run going on, so we had to take care around the runners, but it was no bother. All in all, a good track in the dry to test your skills and vehicle without too much risk of something going wrong.
2014-04-18 Nissan PathfinderMrLucyTheBoxer Went today with our Pathfinder and Dad's Prado. Did a few side tracks which were a bit more adventurous. Had a great time and a great day. Saw plenty of AWDs on the main road, but not on the side tracks. Definitely recommended for beginners like us!
2014-02-23 Suzuki Sierrajtayl153 Easy track. Good fun!
2014-02-15 Mitsubishi Pajeroalbie07 Good fun. Should be interesting after rain.
2013-08-22 Mitsubishi Pajeromartialllaw great easy track, much better than following the black stuff up to O'reilly's retreat
2013-08-17 Ford RangerBoofhead03 Went up with a mate who had driven this track before, he was in his Suzuki. Very easy track, my mate reckons they have graded it again as there were less ruts than the last time he went up. Great views, worth the drive.
2013-08-04 Toyota Hiluxnaviguess9 Easy Track, no need for low range, a bit chewed up in one area due to recent rains. Great views.
2013-07-14 Nissan Navarajohnnoqld easy drive, started raining on the way up, but no probs. some soft roaders doing it at the same time.
2013-06 Ssangyong Mussob1zz1ebees
2013-04-09 Mitsubishi Challengerlast_raiden Went here only 2 weeks after purchasing our new Challenger XLS 2012. Easy 4wd track for beginners (like myself). Don't need anything fancy. Just take your time and choose a good line. There are some deep ruts if you want the challenge.
2012-11-24 LandRover Discoverydjhampson They've started grading the road so its nice and smooth down the bottom. New gates installed as well. Great day trip.
2012-09-15 Holden Coloradoross and cher Great arvo out and about
2012-09-15 Mitsubishi Challengerajerni Nice drive some good ruts cant wait for some rain then try it again.
2012-09-15 Mitsubishi Challengerajerni Nice drive some good ruts cant wait for some rain then try it again.
2012-09-10 Toyota FJ CruiserKatabolism
2012-09-1 Toyota FJ Cruisertneilen Went with a group of 6 other FJ Cruisers, picked some more challenging lines this time and was a good chance to try out low range and A-TRAC. Still a very enjoyable track!
2012-09-01 Mitsubishi Pajerosymo Bit rougher than expected, lots of ruts but did it easy in 4H. Probably not suited to soft roaders at the moment.
2012-08-18 Mitsubishi Outlandermartin0304 Did this track today with an Outlander. Due to washouts its definitely on the limit for this type of cars, but was a nice ride, great weather, enjoyed it....
2012-08-15 Toyota FJ Cruisertneilen First time in the drivers seat of my new FJ Cruiser offroad - was a breeze, a great introduction to four wheel driving. Nice scenic route up to O'Reilly's with plenty of photo opportunities along the way.
2012-06-09 Mitsubishi PajeroShortie Track was open despite 'Road Closed' sign at bottom of Kerry Road. Few deep ruts on the climb up, however nothing choosing the correct line didn't fix. Great track.
2012-05-19 Suzuki Sierravolvodriver Did this both directions today, was a good day out, not hard at all, never actually felt the need to lock in the hubs. There's a few challenging sections off the side that i wouldn't mind trying if i have a second car as backup. I can see how it would be a nice challenge in the wet too.
2012-01-29 Ford RangerRangerSam Tried this track today was very wet which was going alright still not too difficult as long as your not being an idiot. Halfway through road was blocked from a landslide so had to backtrack. Would like to try again in dryer conditions to go around the landslide. Great views
2012-01-15 Suzuki Grand VitararyanGV This was the first track I did in my new Suzuk Grand Vitara. Was a good track, easy work on the car. There were a few idiots ripping up the track in dodgy utes but other than that all in all a good trip.
2012-01-01 Jeep CherokeeTdog Went up the Duck Crk Rd and down the road to Canungra after coffee at O'reillys, 5 hr round trip from Bne. In the dry was easy with good line.
2011.06.04 Mitsubishi PajeroColinV Have done this track many times, always enjoy this being a few ruts from washouts, sections of water. Still easy road...great for the first timer. Remember to stop along the way and soak up the scenery....
2011-12-20 Toyota Hiluxtractormack This track offers great views and I would say, suits beginners when dry The drive is not so much of a challenge but when I went, there were some large rocks on the track that had only recently dislodged from the cliffs above due to rain. Has some great picnic spots along the way.
2011-12-10 Ford Rangertimothy2222 Had a good time
2011-06-25 Toyota Landcruisercruiserman2010 great scenery, track in okay condition. easy track
2011-06-19 Nissan Patrolcraggitt Went up there today and it was an easy run. only put it in to high 4wd for about 100m and probably didnt need to do that if i had dropped the pressures. Can see where some idiots have gone just off the track and chewed it up. Craig
2011-06-11 Nissan PatrolCrunched Very easy trail with no ruts or wash to contend with, and plenty of awesome views. Views were better this way than the black top, which we took the way down. Short and east and a great day trip from Brisbane.
2011-06-05 Toyota LandcruiserDLB97 Nice Easy Track. Great Day Out
2011-06-05 Toyota HiluxHilux Ben Great track not too far from home. Went up and back down. Much better going this way than the black top.
2011-04-24 Toyota LandcruiserOutback Track Great track. It started raining very heavy on the way up and became very muddy and very slippery very quickly.If tackling this from the top down you should note the signpost for Duck Creek Road is only visible if coming down from O'Reillys
2011-04-02 Holden Rodeodopey_87 Great views, very easy and enjoyable drive. Recommended for a fun family day out, with a picnic and some bushwalking once at O'Reilly's.
2011-04-02 Jeep Wranglerkentm Track open, a few washouts at the bottom, but all up a great track and by far the best way to get to O'Reillys.
2011-02-20 Mitsubishi TritonDecrube Great drive. Great lookouts. Not hard at all.
2011-02-06 Mitsubishi Challengerzr189vet Really good track easy to drive great views a few water wash outs at the bottom but apart from that was great not hard at all. turn the aircon and radio off and put the windows down you will enjoy the sounds of the forest.
2011-02-05 Ford RangerSilent Bob Good drive good lookouts
2010-11-21 Toyota Hilux Surfnick22 good day out and some real nice views, had fun in the rainforest at the top in the wet.
2010-10-17 Mitsubishi ChallengerBrent Have been waiting to do this track for a few weeks now but the 200mls of rain in the area over the past week have put a stop to it until today. Track very rutted at the bottom stage but overall a very easy and enjoyable trip for a newbee to 4 wheel driving. Magnificient views along the way from the various lookout points. Cheers Brent
2010-09-26 Kia Sorrentolimos lots of fun. slightly muddy today
2010-07-12 LandRover DiscoveryIain_U1250 Nice an easy - a few tricky side tracks for those with a bit of clearance, especially in the wet.
2010-06-13 Suzuki Grand Vitaracpahor Nice easy track for beginners with some great lookouts on the way.
2010-06-07 Suzuki Vitarafourdy Great trip back to Brisbane from O'Reillys,better than the blacktop.What a view!!!
2010-05-03 Nissan NavaraNavman81 Great easy track. Awesome veiws. Was quite busy but plenty of places to pass.
2010-05-03 Mitsubishi Pajerospeakalot Did this track yesterday with standard 2002 DID Pajero. Wonderfull drive, scenery and weather. Would be very different after some rain. Enjoyed the day veru much.
2010-04-11 Mitsubishi TritonGolddigger Great easy track.fantastic views bit of loose rock and some mud... best way to O'Riellys for Lunch
2010-01-3 Toyota LandcruiserRed04VXE Great Track to get an Ice Cream then watch the sunset.
2010-01-24 Nissan PatrolPure Yobbo Nice easy drive up to O'Rielly's. I think in the wet it could be alot harder. Don't forget to leave a donation at the box.
2010-01-23 Toyota HiluxBrayhilux Not very hard, but was a nice drive and quite leasurely.
2009-12-29 Toyota HiluxHOGO80 Went through this track quite quickly as i was running low on diesel, but thought it was a nice track and not too tough. Credit to all those that gave up their time to help make it! and keep it open!
2009-09-12 Subaru Foresterryno_106 Great Track. Way better than the windy normal road normally takes you to O'Rielys.
2009-09-07 Toyota PradoBig Rig
2009-05-24 Mitsubishi Pajerodassantos Easy track, nice views. Some small river crossings.
2009-03-28 Suzuki Grand Vitaramuddier I love this track. Easy trip. Great views. Always quiet when I go there. Some idiots had left a pile of rubbish at the top picnic/parking area so took it with me to O'Reilley's and dropped it off there.
2009-03-14 Mitsubishi Pajerogavfishing1 Great spots for a picnic.Good veiws.
2009-01-31 Toyota Pradobmurray2250 It is nice country road trip requiring clearance, so 4wd and soft-roaders can easierly do the road. Signs recommend this to be driven in the dry. I prefer this road for the home trip back to Brisbane
2008-11-20 Mitsubishi PajeroBiffBarker A very pleasant alternative to the normal road to O'Riellys.

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Climatic data for Duck Creek Rd to ORiellys

Mean Max Temp °C30.7°30.0°29.2°27.7°24.0°21.5°21.1°22.5°24.6°27.0°29.4°30.6°
Mean Min Temp °C19.2°18.8°17.1°13.5°9.8°6.6°5.3°6.4°9.3°12.8°15.9°17.7°
Avg Rainfall mm127.8122.797.161.357.553.242.934.540.170.383.0119.0
Likelyhood of rain*26%26%26%16%16%13%13%13%16%19%23%26%
Weather data obtained from BEAUDESERT CRYNA, located 14.2kms from Duck Creek Rd to ORiellys
* Likelihood of more than 1mm rain falling on any day in the given month.

Latest LIVE weather - April , 2015
Feels like °C
Rainfall Today
(since 9am)
Last 7 days of Rainfall
(total recorded*)
Live weather data obtained from HINZE DAM, located 26.5kms from Duck Creek Rd to ORiellys, courtesy of the BOM
* Data is fetched for yesterday's rainfall at 12.30pm each day.
track chatTrack Talk
Feb 13 2010, 17:14pm
I would easily prefer to go up and down this track instead of the the main road any day.
May 18 2010, 16:03pm
did the track on saturday, never noticed the offshoot tracks before there seems to be quite a few. would be worth checking out at a later date. easy drive up and down.
Apr 29 2011, 09:26am
Did this track not so long ago we took a cut lunch and went of the main track and found an amazing lookout there was a picnic table aswell, good fun short track :)
Jun 05 2011, 05:15am
I have this run many times, and everytime I have enjoyed the run. It is an easy track, does get a bit slippery when the heavans open up, good track for the begginer to 4WD. Just remember to take your time stop along the way and soak up the scenery....also respect the area is located on private property so do not go taking runs off the track. Also O'Rielys is a fantastic place...have a walk along the tree top swaying bridge...
Hilux Ben
Jun 05 2011, 19:09pm
Hilux Ben
Did this track today up and back down. Took a picnic lunch. Bit washed out at the bottom but add's to the fun. Much better than the black top.
Jun 26 2011, 19:19pm
Went on this track today and found it a bit more of a challenge due to the washouts and ruts but still great fun and the views are sensational.
Encountered a few guys in a Holden Sedan coming down.
Don't know why you would put your car through that sort of punishment.
Brissy Terrano 2
Jun 16 2012, 09:44am
Brissy Terrano 2
Went on this track recently, lots of fun, not hard, very easy. It was dry weather and people I had with me totally enjoyed them selves.
Aug 28 2012, 19:00pm
Did this track on Saturday 25/8/12, both up and back down.
last time we did this track was in May this year, after the rain we had through July it's certainly made it a bit more of a challenge to the first time. The only way a 4wd should go to O'Rielys
Sep 22 2012, 20:29pm
Went up today to christen my Suzuki Sierra, i'm a beginner 4WD driver as well so prob found it a bit harder than some but completely enjoyed the drive, steep in places and some ruts to navigate. Great day and had lunch at top b4 heading down again
Feb 03 2013, 19:03pm
Rocked up today but there was a Road Closed Ahead sign at the Kerry Rd end. The bub was overdue for a feed so we didn't bother seeing how far up we could get, or what the issue was. We'll come back some other weekend.
D4D Hilux
Dec 05 2014, 18:51pm
D4D Hilux
Easy run, could hit this up in a lifted commodore :)

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