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North Stradbroke Island 4x4ing [See 3D Map]

We went for some sand 4x4'ing on Stradbroke island from Dunwich to Amity Point, Main Beach and Point Lookout. The main beach was really damaged.
Difficulty: Easy Track Easy
Length: 30km to 100km
Features: Sand
Latitude: -27.503233
Longitude: 153.400711

Driver Track Log

2015-03-21 Nissan XtrailReddy Drove on the bitumen from Dunwich down the Trans Island Road (Tazi Rd) visiting Brown and Blue Lakes before hitting Main Beach and driving all the way down to Jumpinpin at the southern tip of North Straddie. After one hell of a storm we drove back up the beach to Point Lookout, where it took me 3 attempts to get off the beach at George Nothling Drive. Note to self: let some air out of the tyres, drive harder, or as my wife suggested get a real 4WD. The X-Trail did ok - just needs about 8 inches more ground clearance!
2014-09-20 Toyota Landcruisermypizzaiscold
2012-09-03 Isuzu D Maxspringer67 Good Trip, a couple of soft spots but no prob. Did not have to let pressure down at all
2012-04-22 Toyota PradoDave4x4 Only did the trip down Main Beach this time, i.e. none of the inland tracks. Coming back it was only 2 hours before high tide, but there was still plenty of sand (though soft) on the beach. No risk of running over any plants growing near the sand dunes.
2012-03-23 Mazda BT-50chevy The main beach section of Straddie on high tide can be tight in places so be sure to plan your barge trips with the tide. The camping zone on main beach is great, protected from the elemants however make sure you have plently of insect repelant. Great spot for family and great fishing on the southern end. Low tide easy drive. Some of the cuttings from camp sites to beach were chopped up but nothing to worry about!
2011-04-25 Mitsubishi Pajeroking5ley Main beach all good on low tide.
2010-12-24 Toyota Hilux Surfnick22 went for the day good fun easy sand driving, some inland tracks closed because of the rain
2010-03-30 Jeep Cherokeesalem1 Some of the inland tracks from amity to point lookout were closed off. Main beach was pretty rough, sand dunes were good fun though, we got caught by the tide on the way back from the sand dunes bit of panic but all good at the end.
2009-11-1 Nissan Patrolcraigl83 Good fun
2009-03-28 Jeep Cherokeeangryassdrummer fun, easy... but just dont expect it as fun as neighbouring Moreton Island. avoid school holidays unless you dont mind the place packed
2009-01-05 Toyota Pradobmurray2250 The beach driving was fun and recommend it. The trip was cut short but will head over again for a fishing and sand driving trip
2006 Toyota Landcruiserdmain
2006 Toyota PradoDerro

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Climatic data for North Stradbroke Island 4x4ing

Mean Max Temp °C29.0°28.2°27.7°26.2°23.3°20.9°20.5°21.6°23.4°25.3°26.7°28.2°
Mean Min Temp °C19.7°20.0°18.7°15.8°12.6°9.4°8.3°8.1°10.8°14.0°16.7°18.8°
Avg Rainfall mm155.8162.0159.3100.8111.986.371.752.438.387.8103.8138.2
Likelyhood of rain*23%26%26%19%19%16%16%13%13%19%19%19%
Weather data obtained from REDLANDS HRS, located 15.1kms from North Stradbroke Island 4x4ing
* Likelihood of more than 1mm rain falling on any day in the given month.

Latest LIVE weather - March , 2015
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Rainfall Today
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Last 7 days of Rainfall
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Live weather data obtained from REDLANDS HRS, located 15.1kms from North Stradbroke Island 4x4ing, courtesy of the BOM
* Data is fetched for yesterday's rainfall at 12.30pm each day.
track chatTrack Talk
Jul 25 2013, 03:15am
Main beach was a great run 1 hour after high tide. Flinders Beach very rough and eroded.

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