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Nissan Patrol 2005
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Vehicle Mods
GME UHF, 33" muddies on Pro Comp rims, 33" ATZs on the alloys, ARB winch bar, winch, snorkel, custom dual battery set up, driving lights, home built fridge slide, 2" Ride Pro lift,
I'm from
Montrose, lurking in the trees.... (Australia)
4WDing, Rum, camping,rum, movies, renovating the money pit, rum, tormenting wife & kids, more rum
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Grey Ghost's Track Log
2014-04-06 Eurong to Central Station
2014-04-06 Central Station to Kingfisher Bay Resort
Nice easy sand tracks.
2014-04-06 75Mile Beach to Kingfisher via Lake Wabby Lookout
Watch the exit off 75 mile beach. It was very dug up with deep soft sand on the day we visited requiring further airing down and a good run up off the beach.
2014-04-06 Kingfisher Bay to Lake McKenzie
After recent rains the tracks were in great condition and not to dug up. Lake McKenzie is a must see place to swim in and visit.
2012-03-17 Montezuma Falls
Track was very wet with lots of flooded potholes. As it is an old railway track the base was nice and solid so despite the apparent size of a lot of the puddles or ruts they all checked out fine. We had no problem with 33" ATZs and lift and the 3 mostly stock 4wds we passed on the way out hd no trouble either. The sign at the start of the track says impassible in heavy rain and given the washed out state of the 3 creek crossings it would be very easy to get stuck if it got to wet. Took us about 1 1/4 hrs each way and generally not to demanding on vehicle or driver. Well worth the trip to see the falls in full flood.
2010-09-02 Goughs Bay Hill Climb
The erosion mounds are steep enough that a vehicle like the Triton was scraping on most of them until it got hung up about 3/4 the way up - turned around at that point. Track also has numerous little wheel width size wash outs cut into it , very annoying because you can not get any speed/momentum going in these areas.
2010-04-25 Track off A10 rd
Ruts are a bit on the deep side if you have IFS or smaller tyres. Great view and photo op at the top though.
2010-01 Sappers Track
2010-01 Sappers Track
2010-01 Sappers Track
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